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This is for you, maybe… only if …

You’re a teen girl, a parent of a teen girl, a coach-mentor-friend-pastor-youth group leader of a teen girl. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now – this is for teen girls!

I’m a bit older now, but still remember the day when I was 17, I accepted Jesus as my Savior and I was expecting something. I wasn’t sure what, but it felt like I should have done more, known more, or at least changed some things.

I didn’t because I didn’t know how. It was deflating trying to figure out the whole Christian thing myself. I wish I had had a mentor to walk me through learning at least the basics.

Is the same true for you?

If…that’s you – hang on! The hope is to write things you’ll like and relate to in this blog. I will post once a week on Tuesdays even though today is Wednesday. I hope you’ll come and hang out and give your opinions. I’d love to hear them.

My book will be out November 5, 2020 just for you. It’s called:

Next Step. You’ve Accepted Jesus…Now What?

Check out my next blog on October 6th. In the meantime you can see who I am at www.deedeelake.com


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