Veteran’s Day Stay Strong!

There is constant upheaval in military life.
Thank a Veteran for your freedoms!
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Today we set aside as Veteran’s Day to honor our veterans. Thank you for your service is appropriate to say to these soldiers and appreciated. I wonder if the average American understands the sacrifices the soldiers and their families endure. I wonder if they would stay strong! 

There is constant upheaval in military life. If your sponsor (the service member) is not about to be deployed it is probably because they have just returned from a remote assignment or your whole family will be PCSing (Permanent Change of Station). Sometimes you know six months in advance about the up-upcoming move. Often, it is time to move but have no certainty where you will be moving. 

The service member is given orders to report to a duty station on a certain day. In the military, orders can be rescinded up to the time you arrive at your new place. 

Once your household goods arrive you typically are locked into staying put for a year. However, that doesn’t mean the sponsor won’t be deployed, sent away for months to schools to prepare for being deployed.  

One time we were in Panama, got orders to Fort Rucker, AL. We were so excited because my family lived in the area. We took a quick trip up to Alabama and put a bid on a home. It was the home I had prayed about for years. The bid was accepted. 

A few months later, we arrived with suitcases, three-year old and a basset hound. We signed for the house and waited for the movers to bring our household goods.  My husband, the military service member, left to run an errand and the phone rang. I thought it might be the second set of movers trying to get directions. They were due to arrive any moment. 

I hate to leave you hanging, but…this blog seems to be going a bit long. So, I’ll post the rest next time! Enjoy celebrating and remembering your veteran and all the veterans that sacrifice for our freedom! #ConnectionExpert #NextStepDevo #MilitaryLife

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