Super (Mom) Woman!

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“Super (Mom) Woman” 

You ever wonder how some people seem to accomplish so much in their lives? Does God slip them some extra hours while the rest of us are sleeping? Maybe, He sends a cleaning crew over to knock out the housework and laundry while the family is out running errands. Hmm?


I once lived in a place that was close to paradise. Panama, right on the Panama Canal. We had a maid/nanny, a gardener and a seamstress who all came to our house. I’m not sure if that would be in the dictionary as paradise but for me it was as close to paradise as I’ll get this side of heaven.  

It amused me when someone station there would say they didn’t their wife to have help and become used to it.  Believe me when we moved stateside the reality of dishes in the sink, crying babies, knee-high grass, and all my clothes being bought at Target – I woke up to real-life in a hurry.  

“Reality” returns

With our three-year-old daughter, dog, my husband in yet another army course, we moved into a house three times the size of our tight military quarters in Panama. To add to the reality of life, within months of moving back to the U.S., we adopted our highly active son. Yeah, my “vacation” from chores was over. It was time for me to don my Superwoman persona and get busy. 

I was back to my real world of full-time wife, mommy, maid, gardener, home-school teacher, taxi driver, seamstress, entertainment organizer, head cheerleader, boo-boo fixer. God, marriage, family, and church all took priorities.

Who’s first? 

God comes first. Husband second. Kids next. Relationships always trumps laundry. Order over chaos in relationships and home life. When your home is neat and tidy, usually, there is less stress on the relationships.   

I have yet to be at a funeral where everyone spoke highly of how godly a woman kept her floors.  I long to leave a legacy of loving people and letting them know how much they are valued.  

My Advice

Remember to keep the correct order in your life to keep chaos at bay.  God first, husband second, children next and then the rest of the world. 

For the ones that count in your life you will be their Super (Mom) Woman! 


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