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3 Things you routinely do on your social media and iPhone you can do in real life to move from Ordinary to Extraordinary in your relationships are facetime, like, and share.


My husband and I have been face timing since the early eighties. I know for some of you that is before you were born but hang in with me for a minute. Every day we take a portion of our day and sit down in front of each other and just look at one another as we chat.  When we take the time to look into each other’s eyes we are doing what we old-timers call “facetime”.

iPhone did a great job creating face-time on their devices. However, it doesn’t replace sitting down in person, across from each other, and looking at the one you love in the face. We communicate a great deal with our expressions and tone. Neither of those can be expressed adequately in a text no matter how many emojis or capital letters you use.

You want extraordinary then spend time looking into each other’s faces.

Go old school face-time!


How many times do you press “like” on social media posts in a day? It is vastly more important to express your “likes” in person. Imagine if you told your significant other something you like about them more times in one day then the number of “likes” you do online. Wow. What a huge difference that would make in your relationship.

If you can “like” a video of a cucumber scaring cats or a photo of someone’s latest meal, you can surely find something or some moment you can like about your mate to go from ordinary to extraordinary.


Check your social media and see how much you “share” on it versus the amount of sharing you do with your mate. Humans are built for communication. It is when we communicate or share with one another that we build bonds of trust and acceptance.

Want to move from ordinary to extraordinary? Share with your special love how important they are to you and express encouraging words. Reveal your thoughts and emotions with each other. Words of affirmation and encouragement will leapfrog you into an extraordinary relationship.

My advice:

The best use of your time is improving communication with the ones you are with instead of the ones you only have a glimpse into their online lives. If you do more “facetime”, “likes”, and “shares” with your mate in person than online you will move your relationship from ordinary to extraordinary.

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