No Medal for Mad

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Did you know that there is no medal for being mad the longest?

That’s right. I’ve searched. I have not found one. It is not an Olympic event nor a Little League sport. Who knew. We all act like it could be one. Often, we proudly announce how long we were mad at our spouse, boss, or parents. As if, someone is going to march up and pin a ribbon on us.

Nope. Not going to happen. No medal. No ribbon. No trophy.

So why do we hang on to mad? It doesn’t do anything for our health. In fact, the way I understand, anger causes our blood pressure to rise. (Please do not take this as medical advice. I have absolutely, no medical training what so ever. None. Zip. Nada)

Mentor’s Words

Years ago, a beautiful mentor told me, as a young wife, she would go long periods of time not speaking to her husband. I could hardly believe her. Her husband, Ken was a saint. He was perfect. Okay. Truthfully. I didn’t know him when he was young and stupid. Just when he was old and wise.

As she grew in her Christian faith, she learned she was not to hold on to her anger. God doesn’t want the sun to go down on our anger. Ephesian 4:26 NLT “. . . Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, “. He wants us to go to someone as soon as we can and work out whatever is causing trouble in the relationship.

She learned that she had to stop her destructive behavior. My mentor was hurting her husband, their marriage and herself. If she waited a week, two days or ten minutes to resolve their disagreement it would still need to be resolved and the same steps would still need to be taken. So, why wait? Why spend any more time in frustration and anger than necessary?

Why Wait?

That’s God’s point too. Why wait? Do we just want to be mad? Is it our desire to just sit in our fit? Ever watch a two-year-old decide to be mad for some random reason? It is funny until it isn’t. We are just grown-up versions of that when we refuse to go work things out with someone.

You don’t have to be the one that caused the problem, but you can be the one who causes the resolution. Relationships are worth hard conversations. The truth is the quicker you deal with misunderstands, disagreements, arguments, and any other relational issues the easier they are to resolve.

Make it a habit to always work it out. Start today. Start with small stuff. Don’t hesitate.

My Advice

Decide that you, your family, friends, and workplace will be known for fighting FOR relationships. For that, you DO deserve a medal!

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