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Speak the Truth!

Some people have difficulty speaking the truth. Not sure why. It is so much easier when you are consistently honest and don’t have to worry people will question your integrity.

It takes one conversation at a time to build a relationship and a by-product of that is you are building a good reputation. Speaking what is true, encouraging, and life-giving creates your reputation as person who is trustworthy to believe.

Tell the Truth!

You know people who you have to wonder and question things they say. Don’t be that person. It’s simple. Always tell the truth. If you can’t speak the truth than grab a hold of your tongue and stay quiet.

My dad was a codebreaker for the Navy. Thankfully, he could always tell if I was being untruthful. The consequences were not fun. So…I learned to tell the truth. It is sooo much easier to be a truth-teller than a …. Well, a Liar!

Delayed Bad News, Isn’t Good

Do you feel like sometimes if you tell the truth you will hurt someone’s feelings? Yeah, that’s a tricky situation. No one likes to hear hard things about themselves or their situations. Perhaps, they may get upset at first, but if they are truly your friend they will know you as a honest person and understand you care about the integrity of your relationship than trying to make the person feel good for a moment.

They will find the truth – eventually. As their friend, they might be hurt that you never told them the truth when they needed to hear it. The important key to remember is to be honest, but never harsh.

Try to use kind words of understanding when you deliver bad news. Seek to be the truth teller in all your relationships.

You’ll be glad you did!

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