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“You are enough!”

Anyone ever say you’re not enough …skinny enough? Smart enough? Popular enough? Or whatever enough? Yeah. It happens to everyone at some point. The thing is …what are you going to do about it?

I encourage you to not listen to the negative. It is so easy to get sucked into vile ick and fill your life with it. Negative attracts negative. If you listen to their junk and say it to yourself over and over again, you’ll begin to believe the lie.

I was popular, a varsity cheerleader, honor student, class president, and athlete in my school in Spain. Then in the middle of my junior year my dad retired from the military and we moved to his hometown – Hicksville, USA…or so I thought at the time.

I was the same girl and yet the move changed my “social status”. No one knew me, I didn’t make the varsity cheer team, the high school didn’t participate in the sports I had played in Spain. I didn’t fit in. The kids had always gone to school together and I was the “new girl”.

Eventually, I made friends. My life was different, and I survived. The same will be said of you when you graduate. You’ll make different friends than you had in school. The only person you can guarantee to show up in your life is you!

Love yourself. If you are short or tall make it work for you instead of bemoaning the inches you have. If you don’t like your weight, then choose to make healthy food choices and move more. You can make friends that are choosing the same things.

Don’t let someone who means you harm define you. They don’t have the right. Keep the power over who you say and believe you are.

Check out Tenth Avenue North’s song “You Are More”.

You’ll be glad you did!

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