Change…It’s going to Happen!

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Hey Girl!

Hope your Autumn is amazing whether you are doing virtual or in-person school. You’ll talk about this 2020 year to your grandkids. They won’t care, but you’ll tell them anyway. Lol

Even though the world is going a bit wacky these days you still have some experiences to do. Surviving middle or high school is tricky when the culture isn’t erupting around you. I can’t say I understand what it feels like to be a teen these days. I admire teenagers – your drive to succeed, to change the world for the better, and to seek relationships are all admirable.

Life is hugely different!

But…life is always different. Seasons always change. God made them that way. We have seasons in our lives, and they change too. I never thought when I was 15, I would have grey hair and grandkids. Wow…that makes me sound super old.

Even when we have things all planned out, they rarely go according to our idea. That’s not necessarily bad, it is simply true. Without change life doesn’t happen, did you know that? We and the world around us are in a constant state of change. Sometimes they are not so great and other times it is amazing.

Like a shooting star!

Before you saw it, the sky looked static and then something exciting came screeching across the night sky and then changed back to the stars and moon just slowly moving.

Enjoy all the moments in your life – the routine and the exciting.

You’ll be glad you did.


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