Unmet Expectations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Unmet expectations are most often the root of all anger. I heard Dr. Phil give that as a definition of anger years ago and it stuck with me.  Unstated, Unmet Expectations  I would go one step further and say that unstated, unmet expectations cause most of our anger. Expecting people to know what we want … Read more

Speak Truth – Next Step for Teens      

Reading Time: 2 minutes Speak the Truth! Some people have difficulty speaking the truth. Not sure why. It is so much easier when you are consistently honest and don’t have to worry people will question your integrity. It takes one conversation at a time to build a relationship and a by-product of that is you are building a good … Read more

Be Wary of Wet Leaves

Reading Time: 2 minutes The woman in her early thirties walked up to me after a luncheon and proudly declared, “I didn’t speak to my husband for three days this week.”  I was stunned. Being a woman, especially a woman of many words, I could not imagine not speaking to my husband for three days.   “Seriously.” I squeaked out. … Read more

3 Steps for Great Communication

Reading Time: < 1 minute Keep it Simple. Take a moment. Breathe. Try to never complicate situations with more than one issue at a time. It is easy to start piling on issues when we get frustrate and have finally reached the point of confrontation. (Extra Tip: Discuss and deal with issues before they become a confrontation.)  Step One Resist … Read more