3 Steps for Great Communication

Reading Time: < 1 minute Keep it Simple. Take a moment. Breathe. Try to never complicate situations with more than one issue at a time. It is easy to start piling on issues when we get frustrate and have finally reached the point of confrontation. (Extra Tip: Discuss and deal with issues before they become a confrontation.)  Step One Resist … Read more

Super (Mom) Woman!

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Super (Mom) Woman”  You ever wonder how some people seem to accomplish so much in their lives? Does God slip them some extra hours while the rest of us are sleeping? Maybe, He sends a cleaning crew over to knock out the housework and laundry while the family is out running errands. Hmm? Paradise I … Read more

Burn Baby Burn!

Reading Time: 2 minutes What would you do for the one you love? Would you serenade in a crowded restaurant? Would you hike the highest mountain or swim the largest seas? Or would you leave everyone and everything to accompany them on a journey – destination unknown?  What level is the fire in your relationship – wildfire or smoldering … Read more

Be Hopeful

Reading Time: 2 minutes Don’t you love that feeling of anticipation, of hope before Christmas morning? You expect or trust something will be amazing in the box covered with bright colored wrapping paper.   Wouldn’t it be great if we could all have that same feeling of hope about the next few months or years?   Whether we use hope as … Read more

Make it Memorable

Reading Time: 2 minutes Connecting during the coronavirus pandemic is easier than it was during the Spanish Flu or the Black Plague. We have access to online calls to see each other’s faces, social media, cell phones, texting, and 24-7 movies and tv. We’ve spent years lamenting our lack of time with family and friends and now we have … Read more

Be Understanding

Reading Time: 2 minutes Be Understanding  This pandemic is a great time to practice understanding because we all have fears and concerns. While some of us are awesome at expressing our needs, others are not.  There are obvious needs -someone dropping papers in a busy hallway – then there are the invisible ones. Choosing to be understanding of others … Read more

Unmet Expectations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Unmet expectations are most often the root of all anger. I heard Dr. Phil give that as a definition of anger years ago and it stuck with me. Unstated, Unmet Expectations I would go one step further and say that unstated, unmet expectations cause most of our anger. Expecting people to know what we want … Read more