Unmet Expectations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Unmet expectations are most often the root of all anger. I heard Dr. Phil give that as a definition of anger years ago and it stuck with me.  Unstated, Unmet Expectations  I would go one step further and say that unstated, unmet expectations cause most of our anger. Expecting people to know what we want … Read more

Be Wary of Wet Leaves

Reading Time: 2 minutes The woman in her early thirties walked up to me after a luncheon and proudly declared, “I didn’t speak to my husband for three days this week.”  I was stunned. Being a woman, especially a woman of many words, I could not imagine not speaking to my husband for three days.   “Seriously.” I squeaked out. … Read more

Does your husband have a brother?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yes, he does have brothers. No, they are not like him and are not available. In answer to your next question (I get this one a lot), No, my hubby doesn’t hire out for husband training.   He wasn’t exactly self-taught. My mother-in-law was an amazing woman who raised a son who is romantic, caring, funny and … Read more