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Book Cover to of Operation: Reconnaisance a love story. Rusty and Jane are proof of an extraordinary relationship as they go from strangers to partners.



For her it was a marriage of convenience. He prayed she’d grow to love him. But their tragic pasts threaten to destroy any hope for their future together.


A tragic accident changed Rusty Sava’s life, and he battles daily with the consequences. Love wasn’t something he bargained for, but once he met Jane his heart was lost, and her little boy was an unexpected blessing.

The last thing Army Captain Jane Adams was looking for was a second chance at love. She wants to be wooed, desired—something entirely missing from her disastrous first marriage.

Can Jane’s love for Russ blossom with her in Korea and him in Colorado? But their tragic pasts threaten to destroy any hope for their future together.

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Can love outmaneuver the military?

Injured Alexos Sava wants nothing more than to get back to his Army helicopter unit in South Korea. At home to convalesce on his family’s ranch in Colorado, his faith has been as battered as his ankle. The last thing he expected during his recovery was to fall head over wounded heels for a lovely redhead.

Kobbe Cooper-Sanchez has vowed to never marry a military man. When her father is seriously injured in a military helicopter accident, she returns home to help her mother. Alexos catches her eye but when she discovers his career, all bets are off.

How can love bridge the obstacles between this stubborn redhead and determined Army helicopter pilot?

How can love blossom when dating is forbidden?

Setting aside broken dreams of love and marriage, Samantha “Brooke” Cooper-Sanchez is determined to complete Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia, so she can be a nurse in the Army Medical Corps. She wasn’t looking for love. Then surprise Christmas gifts begin showing up. Who is sending them and how does this person know her so well?

Book One in the Rules of Engagement Series, this sweet military romance uses the tradition of Christmas gift-giving to explore ideas of trust, love and faith. Learn more and/or purchase the novella using the button below.

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