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Be purposeful with your people and life!
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I am a people watcher. I amuse myself all day, imagining and writing people’s life stories as they walk pass me. 

People Watcher

 I can read lips too. Being deaf on and off from the age of four, I learned creative ways to communicate and reading people’s body language just became a natural source of communication. Often, when people walk past I can catch a glimpse of what topic they are chatting about. It usually makes for some great distraction as I try to pass the time.  

Being the observer of people that I am, I have noticed people are either purposeful about their lives or they are not. You’ve seen them too. When I first met my military officer husband he would say, “Walk into a room with purpose, even if you aren’t sure if you know what you are doing, look like you do.” I think that must have been some military training. He has a great stride.  

What does God Want?

That got me to thinking about other areas of our lives. What does God want? Does God have a plan? Where would God want us to walk with purpose even if we are unsure? 

When I found my life verse in Jeremiah 29:11, I releaized God has a plan and a purpose for me. I was reassured to know our God, my God knew me and has things under control. I don’t have to worry. No fretting for this old girl.  

 I need to know that I have a purpose. I need to live purposefully because our God is not a god of chaos. Therefore, I choose to purposefully love God, love His people, seek God first in all things, love my neighbor, and share Christ with all that I can. A friend once told me.” I choose to go to heaven empty”.  (Lisa Edmonds

I hope to do all the things here on earth that God asked me to do even the things that make me uncomfortable at times. For those are the times I grow the most in my faith. 

Dream Big, Pray Big

I challenge you today to look at your life. Are you living with purpose? Where do you need to set some goals? Don’t be afraid to set some big hairy huge outrageous goals – Dream Big, Pray Big. You can’t out pray what God can do. What do you have to lose?  

Write down your dreams. Put them in a safe place or give them to someone who will hold you accountable. It is good to have short, medium, and long-term goals. You can do it. God is for you

My Advice

You may not be an observer but, you can live with purpose!

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