Be Flexible to Connect

Be Flexible
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Don’t wear masks? Wear masks? Go to work? Stay at home? 

It’s a fact, life all over the world is different. Some things will change, and other situations will remain the same. When this pandemic is over, we will still fall in love, work to feed and house our families, and pay taxes. The alarmists out there want to inject panic and declare the end of our economic world. I’m not a betting person but I’m willing to bet our world won’t fall apart.  

We as a people and a nation are stronger than any virus. Our God is greater than any danger we can incur. This is a great time to go with the flow and try to be the best you can be at maintaining healthy habits and choices. Flexibility is key in surviving all the changes happening around us. 

How does flexibility look in these times? I suppose it looks a lot like trust. If we trust God and ourselves to make wise choices, then it is a bit easier to ride the current waves of change. I know it may sound a little odd, but I choose to trust our government too. I believe and hope it’s true that the people in charge have our best interest and good health in mind when they are deciding how to lead through this unusual time.  

Our leaders and medical teams are trying to forge through events that our world has never experienced, I can’t imagine being in their shoes. If one person chooses to be flexible, kind, and forgiving whenever necessary it can create a domino effect of goodwill. I’m not a leader or a healer but I can have influence on those around me – especially in my own home. 

When this is all over, how will you feel that you did? Will you be closer to the ones you love, or will you realize you are stronger than you believed? Will you look back and be able to see how you managed the changes and stayed flexible? I hope so. 

My Advice: Choose to connect to your loved ones, stay strong, and be flexible, as you fight this invisible foe. You’ll be proud you did. 

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