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The beginning of an extraordinary marriage.


Believe in the Extraordinary 


Do you want to have an extraordinary relationship? There are simple things you can do to make the change from ordinary to extraordinary. 

You Must Believe 

First, you must, without a doubt believe extraordinary is possible to attain in your relationship. You must be willing to have the right frame of mind and attitude. Often, people think great relationships can only happen to other people. That is simply wrong thinking. 

If you are not convinced that you can learn and then apply amazing relationship skills to you and your mate than you are doomed for failure one hundred percent of the time. It is most likely you won’t make the effort to learn the skills necessary to change unless you are at least willing to give it a good try. Not a just-one-and-done and it didn’t work kinda try. You must be willing to put in the effort and belief to see success. 

Make the Right Choice 

Secondly, know that amazing marriages exist, and you can choose to have one. Before getting married at nineteen years old, I didn’t know marriage could be extraordinary. I didn’t know you could have enduring romance, laughter, and joy in a marriage.  

When we said our “I do’s” we knew we planned to be married for life. Very quickly I realized I had the power to be miserable or have the most amazing experience ever. I chose the second choice. 

I’m glad I did. I’m exceptionally glad my husband did too. 

See the Good 

Thirdly, choose to see the good in your spouse. When you see them as valuable then you will treat them in exceptional ways. I once heard and now very much believe that we find what we are seeking. If you concentrate on your significant one’s faults that is exactly what you will see. It is very likely you will fail to see their wonderful traits that attracted you in the first place. 

My Advice: 

Live with the belief that extraordinary is possible for you. Choose to see the best and you will find it in your mate. 

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